Sebastian's Menu

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Greek Sandwiches

All Sandwiches are served with sadziki sauce on the side.

Gyro (year-oh):   $6.00
Ground meat with herbs and spices, sliced thin, wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes & onions.

Greek Sausage:  $7.00
Grilled mild link sausage wrapped in pita bread with tomatoes and onions.

Greek Hot Dog:  $4.50
Specially prepared hot dog served on pita bread.

Greek Grilled Cheese:  $5.00
Pita bread melted American cheese, tomatoes, onions & a slice of gyro meat.

Kids Gyro:  $5.00
Few slices of gyro meat with onions and tomatoes in pita bread.

Famous Greek Salads & Dinners

All Salads served with our Special Greek Salad dressing. Dinners include a small Greek salad.

Small Greek Salad:  $5.00
Our special salad with lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and peppers.

Small Greek Salad w/ gyro meat & pita:  $7.50
Small salad with gyro meat on top and a piece of pita bread on the side.

Large Greek Salad:  $11.00
Our special salad with lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, peppers, & onions topped with gyro meat and pita bread.

Dolmathakia Dinner:  $13.00
Three tender grape leaves served with gyro meat, onions, and pita bread. Your choice of tomato sauce or sadziki sauce.

Open Gyro Dinner:  $11.00
Generous amounts of gyro meat topped with onions. Pita bread served on the side with your choice of tomato sauce or sadziki sauce.

Side Orders

Greek Fries:  $3.00
Steak fries with Sebastian?s special seasoning salt.

Spanakopita:  $3.00
Spinach and feta cheese filled appetizers.

Tiropita:  $3.00
Feta cheese filled appetizers.

Dolmathakia (Grape Leaves):  $2.00
Grape leaves stuffed with rice and ground beef.

Large Order of Meat:  $10.00

Small Order of Meat:  $7.50


Baklava:  $3.00
Walnuts and honey filled pastry.

Kataifee:  $3.00
Shredded wheat with walnuts and honey.

Wedding Cookie: 2 for $3.00
These will bring you luck in love!

Butter Cookie: 2 for $3.00


Extra sadziki sauce: .50
American Cheese: .50
Pita Bread:  $1.50
Feta Cheese:  $2.00
Olives & Peppers:  $3.00
Olives $1.50
Peppers $1.50

Menu prices are subject to change.